Meet Matt

Matthew (Matt) Daly joined the Star family in July 2017 as a Ramp officer at Emerald Airport. When Matt commenced services with Star it was evident to his Manager at the time that Matt displayed leadership qualities and commitment to challenging his knowledge and skills.


Matt wanted to learn more about the corporate side of operations as well as displayed interest for customer service at Check In. Within his role as a Ramp Officer, Matt took it upon himself to lead the Ramp Team and always made sure they were performing their roles in the safest way possible.

An outstanding show of leadership was when GSE became unserviceable and Matt promptly organised himself to have the GSE repaired locally to minimise the interruption to the operation. Matt is a true Star Aviation ambassador, keeping the best interest of the company and our clients in the forefront of his mind.

At Star we encourage our employees to challenge their skills and recognise their accomplishments. Matt’s great attitude and commitment to his role as a Ramp Officer led to his promotion as a Team Leader.. Matt is now being trained up to be the Airport Manager for Emerald.

Nathan Linnell states “Matt consistently strives to better both himself and his teams understanding and knowledge base in our operations. Matt is a very personable leader who takes a hands on approach in leading his team to et the best results possible.”

Well done Matt! We are excited to see where your career at Star leads you.