Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday 13th May is Mothers Day. It  a day we celebrate and say thank you  not only to mothers but the strong women in our lives. As a family owned business, Star Aviation commemorates all our hard working mothers and female employees.


Theresa’s Story

Theresa was born in Papa New Guinea and moved to Australia in 1985. When asked what being a Mother means to Theresa she said she absolutely loves having her children around and watching them grow and experience life.

Theresa commenced services with Star Aviation in December 2017 at Brisbane Airport as a Fleet Presentation Officer. Theresa works alongside her son Bryce (featured in the image) and feels privileged to have the opportunity to do so. She enjoys seeing her son developing friendships and building a strong work ethos.

We thank employees like Theresa for choosing to work at Star Aviation and for joining our Star family.

Happy Mother’s Day to Theresa and all the wonderful mothers and strong females.