Meet Jacinta

Jacinta joined the Star Aviation Sydney team in April 2018 as a Passenger Service Officer.

Since commencing with Star, Jacinta has been recognised for her hardworking and positive nature through several employee recognition certificates.


Jacinta’s hard work and dedication to her team is further reflected through her career progression and multiple promotions.

In December 2018, Jacinta was offered the position of a 2ic as she displayed excellent management skills.

As Jacinta continued to learn and grow within her role, she was promoted to a Passenger Service Manager.

Shortly after this achievement Jacinta was selected as Star’s 2ic- Duty Manager for our Passenger Reduced Mobility team.

Stepping up to the challenge, Jacinta has been recognised by her fellow team mates for her hard work and commitment to the role; “Jacinta has done really well as a manager and is really on top of things.” – PSO

When we asked Jacinta why she loves working for Star she said “I love working for Star Aviation because there is such great opportunity to develop and thrive. With leaders that always support you and always have your back I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! Star Aviation – to infinity and beyond!”

Congratulations Jacinta, keep up the great work!