Star Aviation asks – R U OK?

Today is R U OK? Day – a national reminder that we’ve all got what it takes to ask, “are you ok?” and support those struggling. R U OK is an Australian suicide prevention charity that Star Aviation are proud to support. The R U OK charity mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and to provide support for those that may be silently struggling with life.

We all know that some conversations can sometimes be tough. But you don’t have to be an expert to start a conversation. By simply asking, this shows family, friends and coworkers you care about them and that can make a really positive difference in their life.

At Star Aviation, our people are integral to the success of our business. To support and create awareness within our business for R U OK? Day, Senior Managers traveled the country to host morning tea for employees working at each Port. Team members were reminded of the importance of the day and encouraged to follow the R U OK charity’s four steps to navigate a conversation when someone says “no, I’m not ok” – Ask, Listen, Encourage action and Check in.

To find out more about the R U OK charity, please visit –