Father and Son

Managing Director @Peter Georgiou founded Star Aviation in 2012.

Since 2012 Star has grown to be one of Australia’s most dynamic and exciting ground handlers. Star now employees 250 staff Australia wide.

Peter proudly works alongside his son Andrew Georgiou– Airport Manager Canberra.

When we asked Andrew why he likes working for Star he said “Star stands for something different. Star is all about family, working with one another and trying to create one of the best working environments out there. With a lot of bigger companies, you don’t get the same level of care between the Managing Director and employees, but here you will often see all levels working together on the tarmac and behind the scenes to make Star the best it can be.”

Both Peter and Andrew like working together to push each other to the best of their abilities. They also enjoy some healthy competition of who can clean their aircraft row the fastest and cleanest!