“To the staff member who was assisting with the taxis last night, thank you for going above and beyond to help us out with the baby seat for the drive home. You were so helpful and professional and it was much appreciated.”

Canberra Airport Customer, Taxi Commissionaire Compliment
“I felt compelled to write and let you know the Darwin (Cabin Cleaning) team is outstanding. They work efficiently, professionally and sometimes under very tight time schedules. Yet they always leave the aircraft in a very clean, neat state and are polite and engaging with the crew. All of the team seem to go the extra mile. It appears they take pride in their work which reflects on a really well presented aircraft. As I witness this on a regular basis, I’ve been so impressed I’ve mentioned it to my manager and wanted to bring it to your attention.”
Darwin Flight Attendant, Cabin Cleaning Compliment

“I would like to say a big thank you to the Albury team for working tirelessly over the bush fire conditions on the 5th and 6th January 2020. These conditions resulted in a number of cancellations and flight diversions. The team at Albury worked hard to accommodate passengers. The team dealt with a high level of disruptions and maintained a high standard of professionalism.”

Albury Airport Client, Ground Handling Services Compliment

“Your team has been amazing. A huge congratulations to everyone in Canberra that has had to deal with recent delays and cancellations. An excellent job and also positive comments from passengers as well.”

Canberra Airport Client, Cabin Cleaning Compliment

“My husband and I would like to let you know what fantastic staff you have. They took great care of us throughout our journey around the airport.”

Sydney Airport Customer, Passenger Reduced Mobility Compliment

“I would like to give a very big thank you to team member Riley at Moranbah Airport. My husband and I arrived from overseas minus our luggage. I was very tired, 80 plus hours without sleep and very cranky. Riley stayed calm, relaxed and was polite. He was very helpful and  reassuring and gave me time lines for our bags arrival. Riley made arrangements for our bags delivery and followed up with a phone call when they arrived. Great service, thank you. Also thank you to the young man who rang us to confirm our delivery address and then promptly delivered our bags. Admirable service, especially from such young men.”

Mornabah Airport Customer, Customer Service Compliment

“I was at Canberra Airport and was greeted nicely by a Taxi Commissionaire lady today. She was handling customers with smiles and I was moved to send my appreciation to the management team.”

Canberra Airport Customer, Taxi Commissionaire Compliment

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all involved in returning my lost hearing aid. A special note of thanks to the team cleaning the aircraft who found and handed in the hearing aid.”

Darwin Airport Customer, Cabin Cleaning Compliment

“On the 22nd December 2019 we requested (mobility) assistance to help my wife. The team were great and made the arrival experience painless and efficient. A very big thank you to Rosanna – you’re a Star!”

Sydney Airport Customer, Passenger Reduced Mobility Compliment

“The upgrade from A333 to A388 from 23JUN-29JUN19 was decided very late on Fri/21Jun. Despite late notification, your team arranged to handle the A388 . The A388 flight averaged 350 joining customer per flight, it was quite a challenging load. However your team worked tirelessly to ensure both the arrivals and departures were all well-handled and without any cabin cleaning delays. We needed the aircraft back at KUL, on schedule. We would like to thank your team for a job well done. Please convey our gratitude to your team.”

Sydney Malaysia Airlines Representative, Cabin Cleaning Compliment

Cabin Cleaning plays a vital role in ensuring passengers comfort and satisfaction.

Our skilled Cabin Cleaning teams understand the importance of representing airline brands and providing a clean and welcoming environment for all to enjoy.

Each flight, whether domestic or international, acts as a passengers home for the duration of their journey.

At Star we focus on ensuring that our work practices, controls and procedures are industry best practice to deliver exceptional customer service.

Our national portfolio demonstrates our proven capability to deliver tailored services to our clients inclusive of (but not limited to):

  • Quick Turn Cleans
  • Terminating Aircraft Cleans
  • Deep Cleans
  • Sanitising
  • Cabin dressing
  • Waste removal
  • Linen supplies
  • Provision of nominated sundry cabin items

Our ramp staff are certified to handle:

  • Boeing Aircrafts: B717, B737, B787, B777
  • Airbus Aircrafts: A330, A350
  • De Havilland Aircraft: Dash 8-400, Dash 8-300, Dash 8-200

At Star we understand the importance of ensuring the efficient turnaround of aircrafts against clients precise schedules.

Our commitment to providing safe and efficient ramp services is supported by our highly skilled employees and modern well maintained equipment.

Our ramp employees undergo extensive training in line with specific airline customers policies, procedures and regulations.

We work closely with our airline partners to maximise customer satisfaction and develop a safe and seamless solution.

At Star, we ensure that our team work towards the target of our airline customers and their passengers to get to their destination on time.

Our portfolio demonstrates our ability to provide a range of ramp services in a safe and time efficient manner.

Ramp services include (but are not limited to):

  • Aircraft receipt and dispatch
  • Aircraft presentation
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Baggage loading / unloading  
  • Baggage make up room
  • Baggage reconciliation 
  • Freight acceptance
  • Freight loading/ unloading
  • Load control
  • Operation of Special Handling Equipment

Excellent customer service is fundamental to passengers overall airport experience.

Whether checking in your passengers for their next adventure or welcoming passengers home, our Customer Service Officers are here to support our clients vision and adhere to airline specific policies and procedures.

We believe the fundamentals of great customer service are well trained and committed people.

In everything we do, passenger satisfaction is our priority and our aim is to reflect and enhance our clients standards.

At Star we have extensive experience in providing a range of passenger services to airlines operating across Australia.

Our services include (but are not limited to): 

  • Check in Services
  • Boarding of flights
  • Passenger Marshalling
  • Charter Handling
  • Disruption Management
  • Load Control
  • Lounge Management
  • Excess Baggage Collection
  • Service Desk
  • Specific Needs Assistance
  • Taxi Commissionaire
  • Aircraft Movement Control
  • VIP Handling

At Star Aviation we understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe journey with specific needs.

We strive for excellent customer service and support an inclusive airport environment which ensures all passengers experience the same positive and memorable journey.

Star works closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions to achieve passenger satisfaction.

Our team of highly trained professionals have experience with assisting a variety of specific needs and understand the importance of ensuring their passengers needs are met to the highest standard.

Our growing portfolio in PRM services highlights our passion and ability to assist passengers in line with airline specific policies, procedures and regulations.

PRM Services include (but not limited to):

  • Assisting WCHR, WCHS and WCHC passengers
  • Meet and Greet
  • Baggage assistance
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • VIP Services

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Star Aviation provides a diverse range of FBO services such as providing personalised arrangements to accommodate VIP’s, diplomatic and medical flights. Other FBO services we can facilitate include:

  • Passenger/Crew Transport
  • Arrival and Departure Processing
  • Passenger/Crew Accommodation
  • Refueling Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Flight Planning
  • Catering Services

It is our responsibility as a company to ensure all employees are supported throughout their career with Star.

One way we empower our people is through investing heavily in providing staff with high quality and long lasting equipment.

At Star we believe our employees, supported with quality GSE, is the reason for our success and growth.

Ground Handling

Star recognises the comfort, security and satisfaction a clean and welcoming environment creates and how it enhances the passengers experience.


Our Cabin Cleaning teams nationally are equipped with Dyson products. Dyson Handstick Vacuum Cleaners enable our teams to efficiently clean aircrafts in hard to reach through their cordless design. Dyson’s deep cleaning capabilities assist our employees to ensure they achieve their deadlines whilst maximising results for our Airline clients.

High Lift Trucks

High Lift Trucks are provided to Cabin Cleaning teams to assist with wide bodied aircrafts, allowing them to service aircrafts in a timely manner.


Star employees nationally also have access to a number of Star vehicles to assist with transferring Cabin Cleaning or Ramp teams between gates as well as for the transport of stock and equipment.

Customer Services (Passenger Reduced Mobility: PRM)

At Star we understand the importance of using reliable and safe equipment to support the journey of passengers throughout the airport.

Our PRM team currently utilise a number of Star branded wheelchairs (including an extra large wheelchair). The wheelchairs feature a carry on baggage storage area under the seat of the wheelchair, allowing passengers to sit comfortably in the chair without holding their luggage.

Star have further invested in a PRM buggy. The buggy is used to assist our clients with the transfer of multiple passengers around the airport.