Marketing & Self Branding

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Access pre-approved images, icons, tutorials on how to set up your LinkedIn, and take better photography to establish credibility, build further relationships, and create a strong professional reputation internally and externally.

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Capture The Moment

Follow the simple steps below when you are taking any photos to ensure your photography is the best in quality to allow us to use your photos in upcoming newsletters, website images, or any other communication pieces!


When taking a photo, ensure that all employees in and around the photo are in complete uniform, and that the background adheres to our safety compliance and standards.

Focus & Framing

Ensure that the subject of your photo is in clear view to prevent blurriness, and that the framing is centered around the subject to give better sense of balance.

Proper Lighting

Try to shoot in natural light whenever possible and make sure your subject is well-lit and positioned in a way that the light is evenly distributed across the target.