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Star Contact List

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BNE Airport Manager2024-06-13T15:19:22+10:00

Michael Ridsdale

Airport Manager

  • 0416 036 736


SYD Airport Manager2024-06-13T13:10:02+10:00

Eros Minglis

Airport Manager

DRW Airport Manager2023-08-28T17:00:27+10:00

Tyson Koloamatangi

Airport Manager

  • 0447 713 320


Cabin Cleaning / Ramp / Baggage Handling / Truck2023-06-16T13:41:31+10:00



Accounts Payable2023-06-05T11:04:17+10:00
Human Resources2023-06-05T11:00:54+10:00

Human Resources



BNE Logistics & Training2023-05-30T12:30:49+10:00

William Conway

Logistics & Training

BNE Duty Managers2023-05-30T12:29:46+10:00

Duty Managers

BNE Operations Coordinator2023-05-30T12:23:14+10:00

Operations Coordinator

BNE Team Leaders2023-05-30T12:08:27+10:00

Team Leaders

MEL Airport Manager2023-05-30T11:43:41+10:00

Manjit Singh

Airport Manager

MEL Training Specialist2023-05-30T11:42:23+10:00

Adarsh Prasad

Training Specialist

MEL Duty Manager2023-05-30T11:41:18+10:00

Duty Manager

MEL Ramp Duty Manager2023-05-30T11:20:29+10:00

Ramp Duty Manager

MEL Bag Room Supervisors2023-05-30T11:10:08+10:00

Bag Room Supervisors

MEL Team Leaders2023-05-30T11:06:29+10:00

Team Leaders

SYD Duty Managers2023-05-29T10:25:32+10:00

Duty Managers

SYD Operations Coordinator2023-05-29T10:25:13+10:00
SYD Passenger Service Manager2023-05-29T10:24:45+10:00

Passenger Service Manager

SYD Cabin Cleaning Team Leader2023-05-29T10:23:55+10:00

Cabin Cleaning Team Leader

SIT – JQ Contract2023-05-29T10:22:29+10:00

JQ Customer Service Supervisor

ABX Airport Manager2023-05-29T10:21:05+10:00

Micaela Zyp

Airport Manager

  • 0422 366 525


MOV Airport Manager2023-05-29T10:21:03+10:00

Chelley Stone

Airport Manager

CBR Airport Manager2023-05-29T10:20:15+10:00

Akash Bhatta

Airport Manager

  • 0477 747 987


EMD Airport Manager2023-05-29T10:19:45+10:00

Katicza Teugels

Airport Manager

  • 0420 415 229


OOM Operations2023-05-29T10:16:01+10:00

Cooma Operations

  • 0455 173 488


PER Operations2023-05-29T10:12:23+10:00

Perth Operations

  • 0499 085 166


ADL Operations2023-05-29T10:11:06+10:00

Adelaide Operations

  • 0499 085 166


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