Our commitment to reducing the spread of COVID-19

We understand the importance as a business to support our employees with appropriate equipment, processes and additional training during these challenging times.​

In response to COVID-19 Star has developed internal training to assist with teaching our staff about what they can do as an individual to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. ​

To assist the wider community please see 5 tips in reducing the spread of COVID-19​

1. If you feel unwell or have flu like symptoms please stay home and contact a medical professional. Please ensure you notify the clinic via a phone call and covey your symptoms before attending in person to ensure you abide by strict clinic instructions.​

2. Limit your contact with crowds, people and surfaces were possible. Avoid touching your face particularly in public areas​

3. Maintain a 1.5 social distance from others were practical​

4. Wash your hands frequently and or use hand sanitizer were available​

5. Visit reputable sites such as World Health Organisation or Australian Department of Health for regular COVID-19 updates​

By implementing small changes we can all assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19​