Meet Susan

At Star, our people are our success.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we are incredibly proud of our employees for learning new skills and for supporting each other during this difficult time.

Some of our Passenger Reduced Mobility (PRM) staff have taken the opportunity to learn new skills and to experience what it is like working in the Star Cabin Cleaning team.

Susan is a Passenger Service Officer who was recently cross trained in Cabin Cleaning services.

Through additional training Susan has been able to work alongside our Cabin Cleaning team and has learnt more about Star’s operations. “It is so different from assisting passengers with reduced mobility to cleaning aircrafts under really tight time constraints.”

When we asked Susan what she enjoyed about working with the Cabin Cleaning team she said “I enjoy it so much, it simply gives me a reason to get up in the morning and do something while waiting to go back to help passengers who require special assistance”.

It is great to see our teams coming together to achieve customer satisfaction whilst developing and expanding upon our employees skills.

We hope to have our Sydney PRM team back soon, providing the best service for our clients and passengers!