Introducing Star Aviation’s Board of Directors!

Star Aviation’s Board of Directors is comprised of a team of professionals with a combined 90+ years of experience in Aviation management, strategy and leadership.
Working together with Star’s Senior Management Group, they set a clear path towards the Company’s strategic direction.
Jure Domazet – Jure has extensive experience across commercial finance, commercial law and property. Jure is the Managing Director of Doma Group and directs the companies strategic direction in property development and has established a diverse investment portfolio. This stable balance sheet with its underlying cash flow enables DOMA to participate in larger developments in a strategic manner. Jure will use his experience and analytical skills to assist in shaping Star’s strategic direction.
Ben McAlister – Ben is Chief Financial Officer at Doma Group, providing strategic oversight to all group entities, including hotel operations. Ben’s expertise is integral to the group, and his guidance is heavily relied upon for the financing and structuring of Doma’s investments and developments. Ben’s financial experience will be utilised to assist and sustains Star’s profitable operations
Mark Peatey – Mark is the founder of P² Advisory with 33 years of experience in the profession. Mark has specialised in providing services to the private sector, particularly emerging and growth businesses who need to embrace options for funding and structuring their growth. Mark will assist with Star’s financial direction and corporate governance.
Andrew Barlett – Andrew has aviation experience spanning 24-years, leading senior management roles in Engineering, Airports and Cabin Crew Operations for Qantas Airways Ltd. More recently  Andrew led the Qantas Airport Services division, responsible for the safety management, commercial management, strategy and technology functions for the Qantas Airports customer service and ground handling functions. Andrew will assist in Star’s safety framework and assist with implementing  positive change within the business.